Welcome To JurisGURU

What is JurisGURU?

JurisGURU literary means Legal Advisor, with Juris  being an alternative Latin word for Law ,and Guru being an Indian word for Mentor or Advisor.

What do we do?

JurisGURU is a legal blog, which was created to provide value to the society unsolicited Legal Analysis and Advice through well researched Legal Articles, Legal Documents Sample, Legal Templates, Legal FAQS.

Who we serve?

  • NORMAL PERSON; JurisGURU is aimed at helping the normal person have an idea about everyday legal situations in layman’s language and terms.
  • LAW STUDENTS; We are further focused in assisting and inspiring law students ,guiding them as they navigate the journey to become excellent lawyers.
  • ATTORNEYS & LAWYERS; as well as helping lawyers and attorneys simplify their legal practice effectively.

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